Posted on February 27, 2012 · Posted in Press Releases

Morinaga America, Inc. is happy to announce to Hi-Chew fans across the United States the continuation of the Hi-Gear fundraising program. Last Fall the program helped 14 schools in Utah and California raise nearly $7,000 for their football and girl’s soccer teams. Obviously the program was a great success.

“We look forward to offering the fundraising program to even more schools in more cities this year,” says Toshiya Yasuda, President of Morinaga America. “It’s such a great way to support not only the local high school and community in general, but also expand our message of leading a healthy and active lifestyle.”

This year the program has already take off with over 115 schools from all over the U.S signed-up to participate. However, with a goal of 500 schools, the program still has room to grow. “We are prepared to give away $200,000 worth of Hi-Chew to support high school sports this year,” says Clayton Perkins, Marketing Manager. “$46,000 has been allocated, and we are open to any and all schools who want to participate!”

The Hi-Gear program is simple. All a team has to do is hang a 4 foot by 8 foot Hi-Chew banner at its place of competition. In return Morinaga America will donate $400 worth of Hi-Chew to the team that can be sold, raffled or given away any way the team sees fit. And, the team keeps all the profits!