Posted on January 23, 2012 · Posted in Press Releases

Hi-Chew is Now Gluten-Free!
All Hi-Chew flavors are officially gluten-free products

Irvine, California (January 23, 2012) – Morinaga America, Inc., marketing and distribution channel for Hi-Chew in the U.S., is happy to announce to all Hi-Chew fans across the country that their beloved candy is now gluten-free. Morinaga America will now be distributing gluten-free Hi-Chews in the following flavors: grape, banana, strawberry, green apple, mango, peach, and melon.

The new gluten-free Hi-Chews allow those who can’t eat various grains the opportunity to enjoy all seven great Hi-Chew fruit chew flavors. “A gluten-free version of Hi-Chew has been one of the most requested product changes in the last year or so. We are happy to not only make a gluten-free version, but to offer all Hi-Chew as officially gluten-free,” says Clayton Perkins, Marketing Manager of Morinaga America.

Please note that only Hi-Chew products with an expiration date in 2012, or beyond, are officially gluten-free.

Hi-Chew is distributed all over the United States and is available in many metropolitan areas on the West and East coasts; including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Boston. To see where Hi-Chew is locally available please visit