Posted on September 8, 2011 · Posted in Press Releases

Los Angeles, California (September 8, 2011) – Morinaga America, Inc. (, marketing and distribution channel for HI-CHEW in the U.S., is sponsoring high school athletic programs in Northern Utah and Los Angeles County with donations of HI-CHEW to support each school’s fundraising efforts. HI-CHEW will help raise needed funds for football and soccer programs in high schools in Northern Utah and the football programs in high schools in LA County.

“The founder of Morinaga launched his company in 1899 with the determination to bring healthy snacks to Japanese children. Dedication to that mission has not changed in more than a century and is the driving force that motivates all of us in the Morinaga family,” said Toshiya Yasuda, President of Morinaga America. “We take great pride in promoting HI-CHEW as a contributor to a healthy, balanced and fun lifestyle for young and old.”

Morinaga is donating 7,000 HI-CHEW sticks to support the fundraising goals of the following high school football and soccer programs. Each school will receive approximately 500 sticks to raise money for whatever the sport’s program needs. HI-CHEW will be featured in banner advertising during the sporting event:

  • Utah High School Football Programs – Bonneville, Orem, Herriman, Riverton, Bingham, Olympus, Carbon, Lone Peak, Timpanogos
  • Utah High School Girls’ Soccer Programs – Bonneville, Hillcrest, Taylorsville
  • LA County High School Football Programs – Estancia, Inglewood, Blair

HI-CHEW is widely popular throughout Japan and the Far East where it has been the top selling candy for decades. HI-CHEW is gaining widespread popularity in North America as more people experience the fruity, chewy flavors of Strawberry, Green Apple, Melon, Mango, Banana and two new fruit-filled flavors — Grape and Peach.