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Morinaga Launches Another New Candy: Hi-Chew Bites


Morinaga Continues Aggressive Expansion in U.S. Hi-Chew Bites Is All-New – with Candy Coating over Chewy Center. Plus: New 7-Ounce Gusset Bag of original Hi-Chew Added to Mix.              Irvine, California.. read more

Hi-Chew Introduces All-New Line of Sour Candy


Morinaga America Launches Major Product Line Expansion. “Hi-Chew Sours” Offered in Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit Flavors. More Products in Pipeline for HLA “Confectionery Vendor of the Year.” Irvine, California –.. read more

As Sales Soar, Hi-Chew Raises Ante with New Packaging


Hi-Chew Introduces Upgraded Packaging for Entire Candy Line. “Confectionery Vendor of the Year 2015” Seeks to Boost Rapid Sales. “Made in USA” Badge Marks New 14.1-Ounce Bag from Carolina Factory… read more